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Kart- Racing and MotorSports:
have become ultra popular sporting activities over the last few decades giving rise to many industries including the Karting-apparel and Racewears. Cuircon International is continuously contributing to this sport in the shape of karting and racewear products since its establishment in the years 1992. Our efforts are to bring a positive change by developing this industry on modern grounds. In order to meet the ever increasing demands of this Sport. Cuircon International initiated the production of racewears with a view to provide a sort of quality which is both affordable and durable. We are confident that our efforts in this direction have proved very successful with the help of our highly skilled workmen.

we specialise in Karting & Motor sports safety race wears like overalls Rain Suits. Aprons. Gloves, Rib Protectors, Nect protectors, Shoes, Balaclaves, Equipment bags, Helmet Bags, Steering & Wheel covers, Tyre binder, Caps, T-shirts, Sweat & Fleece shirts & Racing Flags, Motor- Cross & Motorbike Apparel ETC.

We are eager to enhance our sales as we are fully equipped to meet the rising demands of Race wears in all over the world. We are thankful to our valued customers for their continuous support.